Carl Longstaff – Managing Director, Powder Coating Services

“We’ve found YOUth Inspire’s programmes and mentoring develops positive change in these young people.

YOUth Inspire are committed to preparing these young people for employment so they go into the workforce knowing what it takes to be successful – they have to turn up  everyday, call in sick if they are sick, and be willing to learn” – Carl Longstaff, Managing Director for Powder Coating Services” – Carl Longstaff, Managing Director of Powder Coating Services.

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Phil Dobbin – Branch Manager, Clarkson Electrical

“I heard about YOUth Inspire and how they helped young people into employment and I really liked the idea of giving someone a good start. We are all very proud that Clarkson Electrical have offered an apprenticeship to Clayton and that the employment opportunity has now turned into a career for him” – Phil Dobbin, Branch Manager of Clarkson Electrical.

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