Learner Licence Programme

These FREE 5-day workshops for 16 to 24 year olds will provide you with a better understanding of the road code, and will help you to sit your learner licence with greater confidence. Course participants will sit the Learner Driver Licence test on day 5. Please be aware that YOUth Inspire does not cover the learner licence testing fee.

These workshops include the fundamentals of the Road Code, and key road safety elements. The modules allow the students to gain greater perspective into risk assessment and to develop strategies that align to their own behaviours and lifestyles. This is to encourage conversation and strategies around young driver behaviour and peer pressure.

Why you should get a driver’s licence

  • Many employers are now looking for young people with a driver’s licence – even if driving isn’t part of the job!
  • You will have the independence to travel to work, sport and social activities without having to rely on others to drive you there.
  • The licence process is designed to make you a safe driver on our roads. The restrictions at each stage of the licence help you learn new skills without the extra pressure of things like driving at night or with passengers in the car.

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Restricted Licence Programme

Starting in 2019

YOUth Inspire is excited to announce the launch of Road Ready Rangatahi – a Community Driving School Programme to help young people gain their restricted driver’s licence!

The Programme

YOUth Inspire will:

  • Facilitate a group of learner drivers through a cycle of driving practice of up to 12 weeks
  • Each driver will be allocated a volunteer mentor who is trained and supported by a professional driving instructor. The mentor will coach the learner driver while they practice in a car provided by the programme.
  • Each driver will also have professional driving lessons with a qualified driving instructor, which their volunteer mentor will attend to help identify any skills that need improving. The professional lessons occur at the beginning, middle and end of the cycle, and are used to assess the learner’s progress and readiness to sit their restricted licence test.
  • Following this first lesson, the learner driver will complete up to 10 hours of practice driving, supervised by their mentor.
  • The driving instructor will then provide the second lesson to check the learner driver’s progress and advise them on next steps.
  • In the final stage of the programme,  the learner driver will have a lesson with the instructor. The instructor will reassess the learner driver’s progress. They will advise the learner driver and mentor how to focus any further driving practice hours before the restricted driving test.
  • Ideally each learner driver should aim to have 120 hours of supervised driving practice before sitting the test. Learner drivers need to arrange some supervised practice with their family/whanau to build up the total of 120 hours.

Note: If you are assessed as having well developed driving skills, your time on the programme may be shorter than outlined above.